Dr. Chris Venour, Computer Scientist

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Chris Venour has a PhD in Computer Science from
the University of Aberdeen.  His research in Artificial
Intelligence explores how computers can use corpus
statistics, clustering and vector spaces to recognize
and generate a specific kind of humorous incongruity.
This is leading-edge research into the automated
extraction of very subtle information from speech
and text.

Salience Analyst

Chris is a Data Scientist and Machine Learning researcher.
His work with Salience includes:

· Deep Learning research into controlling the flight of drones via gestures recognized by a Convolutional Neural Network.

· Creation of a system for automating anomaly detection in the Maritime environment. This work was performed for Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Valcartier. The system automatically retrieves and collates shipping data, creates an OWL ontology from this information, uses a Reasoner to automatically search for anomalies in the ontology, and displays these anomalies in a Google Earth visualization of the Maritime domain.

· Integration of a hyperspectral program into the Hyperspectral Operational Support Tools (HOST) system for DRDC Valcartier.


· Machine Learning and Data Science: Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Decision Trees (xgboost), Tensorflow, Keras, BERT, Principal Components Analysis, Natural Language Processing.

· Internet of Things: AVR programming (i.e. programming micro-controllers such as the ATmega328P), Raspberry PI 4, Arduino.

· Visualization programming: D3.js, Unity 3D (game engine), Google Earth API.

· Technical Writing: With degrees in English and Computer Science, Chris is also a respected technical writer.  He has worked as a technical writer for Salience, the University of Aberdeen, the University of Calgary, Shell Canada, and Canadian Pacific Railways.


· PhD, Computer Science, University of Aberdeen, 2013.

· M.Sc., Computer Science, Queens University, 1999.

· MA, English, University of Victoria, 1992.

· BA (Honours) English, University of Calgary, 1990.

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Chris Venour

PhD, MSc, MA

Salience Analyst