Chris Venour

Some electronic projects I've worked on

Controlling a drone with a transmitter I built

Controlling a drone using Kinect voice and gestures

A robot that can be controlled from anywhere in the world

A talking altimeter

Scarecrow robot

Getting a drone to hover on its own

TV B Gone

transmit to FM radio station

Remote control car

Pulse width modulation demo

Voice controlled tank

Hacked drone controlled via computer

Gestures control television

Artificial Intelligence programs I've created

A classifier which recognizes a type of joke

Automatically detecting car lane lines

Joke/insult generator using a Neural Network and a vector space

Advanced Lane Finder using Computer Vision techniques

Cleverness vs funniness (pdf)

Self-driving car using a Convolutional Neural Network

Generating a type of pun (pdf)

Traffic sign classification using a Convolutional Neural Network (pdf)

Generating and detecting a type of incongruity (PhD dissertation)

Detecting cars in a video stream using a Support Vector Machine

Deep Learning - recognizing hand gestures

More examples of my technical writing

A guide to using simplenlg (pdf)

Design of a Maritime Domain Awareness Tool (pdf)

Google Earth prototype (pdf)

3D programs I've created

3d Kinect game

Air Domain Awareness

Google Earth API demo

3D animation using Unity (Safari browsers only)