Chris Venour

Some electronic projects I've worked on

Controlling a drone with a transmitter I built

Controlling a drone using Kinect voice and gestures

A robot that can be controlled from anywhere in the world

A talking altimeter

Scarecrow robot

Getting a drone to hover on its own

TV B Gone

transmit to FM radio station

Remote control car

Pulse width modulation demo

Voice controlled tank

Hacked drone controlled via computer

Gestures control television

Artificial Intelligence programs I've created

A classifier which recognizes a type of joke (demo)

Automatically detecting car lane lines

Joke/insult generator using a Neural Network and a vector space

Advanced Lane Finder using Computer Vision techniques

Cleverness vs funniness (pdf)

Self-driving car using a Convolutional Neural Network

Generating a type of pun (pdf)

Traffic sign classification using a Convolutional Neural Network (pdf)

Generating and detecting a type of incongruity (PhD dissertation)

Detecting cars in a video stream using a Support Vector Machine

Deep Learning - recognizing hand gestures

Detecting action items in meetings

The importance of non-linear activation functions to Neural Networks

How to build a Neural Network from scratch - part 1

How to build a Neural Network from scratch - part 2

Joke recognizer (CBC interview)

More examples of my technical writing

A guide to using simplenlg (pdf)

Design of a Maritime Domain Awareness Tool (pdf)

Google Earth prototype (pdf)

Deep Learning Gesture recognition (pdf)

How Google Translate 2018 works (pdf)

3D programs I've created

3d Kinect game

Air Domain Awareness

Google Earth API demo