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Security Scenarios and Domain Awareness

· Maritime domain visualization and threat awareness

· Inventories of Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance operations

· Surveillance CONOPS

· Knowledge engineering

Visual Analytics

· Inventing new ways to visualize information, particularly for wide-area surveillance

· Interactively re-projecting complicated or massive datasets to reveal mission-critical patterns

· User Interface Design and App Development

Hyperspectral Image Analysis

· Anomaly and target detection

· Sub-pixel information extraction

· Radiative transfer analysis and modeling

· Atmospheric correction

· Gas quantization in long wave infrared

· Shadow removal

· Automated image segmentation

· Spatial-spectral super-resolution

Knowledge Engineering & Reasoning

· Ontology modeling

· Automated reasoning using description logic and rule-based reasoning

· Human factors audits

· Requirements analysis

Surveillance Sensor and Data Formats

· Multispectral and Hyperspectral

· Automatic Identification System (AIS)

· Satellite radar / Polar Epsilon

Image Processing Algorithms

· Colour manipulation algorithms, including quantization, dequantization, L*a*b, principal components, morphology, fractal, and Fourier domain manipulations

· Colour texture synthesis

· Camouflage assessment experiments

Segment of an old Recognized Maritime Picture as displayed at Canada's Regional Joint Operations Centres (RJOCs).  From an old powerpoint presentation by Trinity.

A core challenge in domain awareness is finding the tiny nugget of critical information in Gigabytes of mundane data.

Text Box: Finding and visualizing what is important

Salience Analytics Inc. provides contract research services primarily for public sector clients.  We have many years of experience consulting to Canada's defence and space agencies in the following fields.