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Security Scenarios and Domain Awareness

· Maritime domain visualization and threat awareness

· Inventories of Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance operations

· Surveillance CONOPS

· Knowledge engineering

Visual Analytics

· Inventing new ways to visualize information, particularly for wide-area surveillance

· Interactively re-projecting complicated or massive datasets to reveal mission-critical patterns

· User Interface Design and App Development

Hyperspectral Image Analysis

· Anomaly and target detection

· Sub-pixel information extraction

· Radiative transfer analysis and modeling

· Atmospheric correction

· Gas quantization in long wave infrared

· Shadow removal

· Automated image segmentation

· Spatial-spectral super-resolution

Knowledge Engineering & Reasoning

· Ontology modeling

· Automated reasoning using description logic and rule-based reasoning

· Human factors audits

· Requirements analysis

Surveillance Sensor and Data Formats

· Multispectral and Hyperspectral

· Automatic Identification System (AIS)

· Satellite radar / Polar Epsilon

Image Processing Algorithms

· Colour manipulation algorithms, including quantization, dequantization, L*a*b, principal components, morphology, fractal, and Fourier domain manipulations

· Colour texture synthesis

· Camouflage assessment experiments

Segment of an old Recognized Maritime Picture as displayed at Canada's Regional Joint Operations Centres (RJOCs).  From an old powerpoint presentation by Trinity.

A core challenge in domain awareness is finding the tiny nugget of critical information in Gigabytes of mundane data.

Text Box: Finding and visualizing what is important

Salience Analytics Inc. provides contract research services primarily for public sector clients.  We have many years of experience consulting to Canada�s defence and space agencies in the following fields.