Recent Salience Publications

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Below is a list of select recent Salience publications:


· Valérie Lavigne, Denis Gouin, and Michael Davenport, �Visual Analytics for Maritime Domain Awareness,� IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security, Boston, November 2011.

· Denis Gouin, Valérie Lavigne, and Michael Davenport, �Towards Collaborative Visual Analytics of a Vessel of Interest,� The Third International UKVAC Workshop on Visual Analytics VAW2011, London, September 2011.

· Michael Davenport, Valérie Lavigne, and Denis Gouin, �Design of a Maritime Domain Awareness Visual Analytics Prototype (DMVAP), Task 1: Design Study,� DRDC Valcartier Report CR 2011-221, July 2011

· Michael Davenport and Chris Venour, �Gas Quantification for HOST,� Salience Analytics Report SAI-11-03R for DRDC Valcartier, March 2011.

· Michael Davenport, �Review of Camouflage Synthesis Methods for the Visual Spectrum: Gallery of Algorithms,� DRDC CORA report CR 2011-086, December 2010.

· Jean Roy and Michael Davenport, �Exploitation of Maritime Domain Ontologies for Anomaly Detection and Threat Analysis,� NURC Waterside Security Conference,  Marina di Carrera Italy, November, 2010.

· Caroline Turcotte and Michael Davenport, �Gas Plume Quantification in Downlooking Hyperspectral Longwave Infrared Images,� Proc. SPIE 7830, Toulouse, September, 2010.

· Michael Davenport, Ron Rensink, and Chad Young, �Review of Camouflage Synthesis Methods for the Visual Spectrum: Critical Literature Review,� DRDC CORA report CR 2011-085, May 2010.

· Jean Roy and Michael Davenport, �Categorization of Maritime Anomalies for Notification and Alerting Purposes,� NATO Workshop on Data Fusion and Anomaly Detection for Maritime Situational Awareness, NURC, La Spezia, 15-17 September 2009.

· Michael Davenport and Hugues Demers, �Automated Reasoning for Maritime Anomaly Detection (ARMAD), Final Report,� DRDC-Valcartier CR 2009-285, 14 September, 2009

· Michael Davenport, Rick Gerbrecht, James Kraft, and Greg Aikins, �Knowledge Acquisition Sessions for Maritime Anomaly Detection. Volume 1: Methodology and Interview Data,� Salience Analytics Report SAI-09-01R, DRDC-Valcartier, March 2009