Dr. Mike Davenport

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Mike Davenport is the founder and Principal Scientist of
Salience Analytics Inc. 

Target Detection and Maritime Surveillance

Dr. Davenport has spent the past fifteen years analyzing
surveillance operations and developing new algorithms for
automatically interpreting surveillance information. 
Customers have included
Defence Research and
Development Canada
, the Canadian Space Agency, the
Canadian Forces, the UK Ministry of Defence, and US
government agencies. 


Dr. Davenport has steered his career to work directly with
clients and remain hands-on with the technology. He is
particularly passionate about the following elements of the

· Understanding what data and information really mean,
including for example what types of noise and clutter are
included, where exactly the photons came from, or what
a sensor was blind to.

· Identifying and describing the simplest core problem underlying a bigger problem.

· Finding new ways to visualize information that lead to a new comprehension of what it means.

· Observing operational groups in action, and hearing first hand what they understand their objectives and obstacles are.

· Creating reports that are clear, succinct, well-illustrated, and thus truly useful and widely read.  He has published more than 70 articles and reports in the past 15 years.


· PhD in theoretical physics from UBC, where his dissertation examined recurrent neural networks.

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Mike Davenport PhD, MSc Theoretical Phyics.

Photo of Dr. Mike Davenport, founder and Principal Scientist of Salience Analytics Inc.